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     Who Is the messenger 444?
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50 Years Of Truth And Beyond!

Spiritual (Psychic/Medium) Consultations, Life Trauma Therapy, Spirit Releasement Therapy, After Death Communication, Life Purpose Consultation, Dream Interpretation, Dowsing, Energetic Clearings and Quantum healing in your energy field  as well as  an educator through classes that teach psychic development, healing, bio-energy, relationship and more.  Transforming and empowering  humanity for today's world. James inspires many toward their own realization of true self and empowerment, leading to greater awareness and ascension.   His  talks inspire many to focus on their spirituality and to fulfill their true  life purpose with harmony and prosperity.

Psychic and Medium since the early 70’s through a lifetime of personal growth and expanded awareness, I’ve developed Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairscientient abilities.  I’m able to connect with my Guides, Ascended Masters, the Angelic realm, and Emissaries from the 5th dimension.  As a connector or channel, I am able to see in visions and dialog, to relay guidance for you in your spiritual journey.  Blockages, cords, astral Samskaras (fragments) and other kinds of attachments are removed in click here: Spirit Release Therapy and/or different methods for other services.  Most of the time in one session, though sometimes additional sessions are necessary due to reinfection because of your life circumstances.  The Whatley name is over 900 years old and was created in the l080's when surnames were founded in England.  Family motto is "Pelle timorem" which translates to "Drive off fear".  I've helped many as a connector or channel facilitating removal of all mentioned above.  A lifetime of learning, application and experience from many teachers like Dr. William Baldwin, Dr. David Hawkins, Dr. Edith Fiore, Dr. Samuel Sagan, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Eugene Maurey and so many others from books, classes, CD's and seminars.  Check out click here:  Suggested Reading tab for book listing.  You can order books on that page too at my Amazon store.

The visual art graphic  shows silhouetted figures representing many past lives  chosen to gain the understanding and compassion to help those in need now.  The angel wings and sword represent the inner peaceful warrior, but also past life positions as a leader, warrior or healer.  The sacred geometry represents the science of spirit whereas the dove is the ethereal spirit which is my knowledge base and protection in my work or life purpose.  The scales and crown indicate a fair and just leader that I've been in past and present life. The special numbers of 444 (angelic presence) are gilded and setting on the earth as they are being used in this lifetime serving humanity.

Rev. James W. Whatley is internationally recognized as a spiritual leader, consultant, and professional speaker.  Rev. James, also known as The Messenger 444 , through 40 years of study and compassion, has developed clairvoyant,  clairscientient and clairauident  abilities that has helped the one and the many  transform their lives.  A  search for truth that began with conscious out-of-the body experiences in his mid-twenties, led to education,  training and degrees  through the National Federation of Spiritual Science Churches and the Universal Life Church.  

Over the last 40 years, James has transformed thousands of lives by helping people understand their true spiritual nature.  By taking back your spiritual power, you are able to create inner contentment, security, prosperity, and happiness that cannot be shaken. At the same time fear, doubt, uncertainty, and a wide range of negative emotions are permanently eliminated.

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